Artist Statement

The ocean has always been my counselor.  At its shores I find perspective and reassurance that whatever I may be dealing with is relatively small, will pass, and that I belong here, right now, within a framework that I don’t have to completely understand.  I’m often moved to express nature in my artwork as a metaphor for human experience.  These seascapes are about growth process, acceptance, introspection and hope, and are my reaction to the current state of the world; an empathetic offering and a call to keep moving forward and expanding awareness.

Pastel is a tactile experience: pigment, hand, paper.  I hold the stick upright or lay it sideways to apply color and blend with my fingers, adding additional layers when required.  I suggest form by blending in a sculptural direction, break the sticks for sharp edges to render detail, and occasionally use pastel pencils for the tiniest areas.  My desire is to infuse the energy I receive from painting back into the work itself, to inspire a reverence for the ocean that sustains and teaches us more about ourselves.